Zaila currently has a selection of three different ozonators that are suitable for both private and professional use in various applications. We manufacture large ozonators for industrial use and also offer tailor-made ozonators for the food industry, waste disposal facilities, shipping containers, sludge ponds and fish processing plants etc. Zaila ozonators are distinguished by their high efficiency and long servicing intervals. They do not have high voltage components nor do they require filtered air for the process. We assemble our products by hand and also provide servicing for them. Have a look at our products and don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.


OZO 10
OZO 10 is a powerful ozonator for challenging applications and professional odor removal. It is suitable for housing and hotel room deodorization (e.g. removing the smell of tobacco smoke), professional odor removal services , ventilation renovators etc. OZO 10 is a good tool for maintenance companies and real estate brokers.

Ozone output: 1000 mg / h *
Input power: 60 W
Weight: 8 kg
Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 20 cm
Price: 3450 €, inc. VAT (In Finland)

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OZO 20
OZO 20 is a powerful ozonator for demanding use. It is suitable for professional water and fire damage restoration, cleaning housing, ventilation renovators, wastewater pumping stations etc.

Ozone output: 2000 mg / h *
Input power: 100 W
Weight: 9 kg
Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 20 cm
Price: 5200 €, inc. VAT (In Finland)

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Zaila degreasing ozonators are designed for restaurants and industrial kitchens. They are easy to maintain and do not require constant cleaning. Nor do they contain high voltage components, so they are safe to operate. Servicing Zaila ozonators is a simple procedure that is comparable to replacing a lamp.

Servicing interval for Zaila degreasing ozonators is three years during which time they do not lose effectiveness due to staining. They are designed to run for years without part replacements.

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Service center for Zaila products in Finland:
Zaila Oy, Palvikuja 2D
05460 Hyvinkää, FINLAND
+358 10 219 6520

*Ozone output levels are affected by ambient temperature and humidity as well as the remaining lifetime of the plasma generating tubes.

For more info on ozonators, contact us: +358 10 219 6520.